3D print on floor

A 3D effect on the floor in your own home creates an almost overwhelming ambience. In addition, a floor with 3D optics has many other advantages.

  • Unique works of art are created so that your apartment certainly stands out from those of your friends
  • The variety of images that can be used is gigantic, so you can certainly find one to suit your needs
  • It is even possible to create your own design, for example by using your own photographs or image editing programs
  • You can bring a unique flair into the room by combining 3D flooring and wallpaper or various other pictures and utensils
  • The motif base, which is then sealed with resin, is highly resistant to abrasion and impact and also withstands chemical loads very well
  • The floor is relatively easy to maintain and very durable
  • The sealed floor is slip-resistant and thus increases safety; this is an important selection criterion especially in a household with children
  • There is a choice between a glossy and a matt sealant
  • The 3D floor is seamless and therefore very hygienic and easy to clean

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