frosted sticker decoration panel interior exterior

There is almost no limit to the uses of frosted glass vinyl film. For shop-front displays (internal and external options available), for branding purposes, signage, and glass manifestation or simply for decorative purposes, the durability and versatility of window film and the results that can be achieved make it the ideal choice. Meaning that whatever the requirement, it is possible to provide a bespoke, imaginative and impressive solution.


Privacy glass conceals the inside of your home from neighbors and passers-by


  • Frosted window vinyl doesn’t go transparent when wet
  • Frosted window vinyl strengthens glass.
  • Although frosted window vinyl is extremely durable, it can be changed or removed.

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Plain frosted sticker
Frosted Sticker with die cut design
Frosted Sticker with print
Frosted Sticker with die cut and print design

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