Terms & Conditions

Delivery of services

– For a good communication and understanding, no verbal agreement will be taken into consideration. Only text message or mail will be considered

– Order / request will be treated only in working hours

– All contact details should be given upon order confirmation for a proper delivery service

– To keep a good flow during a project, only concerned/contact person should deal with our staffs. No outsider request/changes will be taken into consideration

– In order to give a proper service, all concerned/contact persons should be on site during installation

– Any changes/amendment to be done after installation completed and validate by concerned/contact person will be considered as additional fee

– During delivery, clients should verify the good condition of the product. Any damages occurred after delivery done will not be taken in consideration (If ever product is damaged before the delivery, product will be replace without any additional fee)

– No delivery fee charged

– Deliveries are done by


– Any project will be considered as ‘approved’ once 50% down payment is done with a mail or text message approval

– An estimate is valid 15 days as from date of issue

– If ever, there’s a variation in materials price after the 15 days, price may vary accordingly

– 50% remaining payment should be done on same date of final installation

– Any additional items required by client not included in estimate will be charged

Site visit

– For any site visit required, there will be a fee of Rs500

– Site visit fee will be deducted in invoice upon project approval

– Site visit can be done also after working hours / weekend

Installation conditions

– Client should give guarantee that concrete base for our fixation is in good condition and ready for installation. Additional fee might be charge if more installation time is required due to bad condition of concrete base

– If installation require several installation day, client should give guarantee that materials on site will be in security else an additional fee for insurance might be charged

– Stolen / damaged materials on site out of working hours will be considered as client concern and we might charge additional fee for stolen/damaged materials

– We have our own installation/fixation methods, for any amendment required by client out of our installation/fixation methods, there might be additional fee

– We cannot recreate the law of gravity and physic

*All terms and conditions will be applied strictly without any exceptions