Give a modern and special look to your exterior

  • – Outdoor
  • – Any color
  • – Any size

Approximate price

*These prices are approximate and may vary according to finals dimensions

200x60cm: Rs21,000 + vat

300x60cm: Rs24,500 + vat

400x60cm: Rs26,000 + vat

500x60cm: Rs26,000 + vat

600x60cm: Rs28,000 + vat

700x60cm: Rs30,000 + vat

800x60cm: Rs32,800 + vat

900x60cm: Rs38,000 + vat

1000x60cm: Rs45,000 + vat

Price include: Galvanized structure, panel in 6mm with router cut, automotive paint, general labor, fixation, lorry,…

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